age: 17.

Ståle seems like an unlikely survivor in a zombie apocalypse, but his above average paranoia and knowledge for zombies has kept him alive longer than his ability to shoot would say. he might seem like a mix of angry and sad 24/7 but thats just his face.


age: 22.

A mysterious guy Ståle met after getting separated from Zeke. Nothing much is known of him except that he likes dogs.


age: 18.

Ståle’s only friend, Zeke has the tendence to come off as kind of careless and cocky, but he is really a good bro. he is the kind of happy go lucky guy, even when everyone is turned into infected madmen with the munchies, he still can find something positive about the situation. “hey at least it’s not us huh?”


 I don’t know anything about this dog.