Who the hell are you?


No one special, name’s Malin and I enjoy zombies and comics so I decided to combine them… mhm…


So what’s this comic about?


It’s just started so I will not spoil anything, but it is about this guy, and shitloads of zombies… and a dog. That was a horrible summary but I’d rather show you the story than writing about it, but if you enjoyed Zombieland, Shaun of the dead and 28 days later then I hope you will enjoy this!


How often do you update?


I will not have particular days where I update, because I don’t want to dissapoint people when I don’t reach a deadline, but I will update twice, at least once a week. Whenever I have time.


So what kind of zombies are these?


My kind of zombies. They are virus zombies, so no brain eating corpses digging themself out of graves. When a person is infected it’s almost no telling how long time it will take before the person turns. It can be hours or maybe a full week. that’s why the virus spread around the world so fast, I mean no one wants to tell that they’re infected right?


I want to send fanart! That okay?


That would be awesome, I will put any fanwork in the gallery section. send it here: Zombiewaffe@Hotmail.com.


What’s up with the title? I see no waffles here.


The story behind the name that I chose for this comic is very long and interesting (not really) but it will make sense eventually. No waffles involved. The title is german and it means Zombie weapon.